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Warm Welcome to the family of The Mandvi Education Society Science College,Mandvi. The Mandvi Education Society (TMES) has Recently Started the Science College affiliated with Veer Narmad South Gujrat University.Our college is known for its quality education with best possible infrastructure, environment and discipline giving opportunities for all round development of student's personality. Our success has been entirely due to the trust and confidence placed in us by our students and their guardians. Our young and dynamic staff is committed to establishing a college environment that allows students to flourish and grow on all levels, meanwhile enjoying their learning experience & assure the education of the finest quality.


B.Sc. Chemistry (3 year course)

Eligibility: HSC Science with Maths/Biology

Total Seats: 60

F.Y.B.Sc. sem I/II S.Y.B.Sc. sem III/IV T.Y.B.Sc. sem V/VI
Environmental studiesRenewable Energy Sources (IDS) Non Renewable Energy Sources (IDS)Chemistry Paper -VI (Inorganic)
Chemistry Paper -I (Inorganic& Physical) Chemistry Paper -III (Inorganic)Chemistry Paper -VII (Organic)
Chemistry Paper –II (Organic)Chemistry Paper -IV (Organic)Chemistry Paper -VIII (Physical)
Physics Paper –IChemistry Paper -V (Physical)Chemistry Paper -IX (Industrial Chemistry)
Physics Paper –IIMaths Paper – III/Physics-III Diff. Calcus & Diff. EquationChemistry Paper –X (Analytical)
Maths Paper –IMaths Paper – IV/Physics-IV Discrete MathsChemistry Paper -XI (Genera Chemistry)
Maths Paper –IIMaths Paper-V/Physics-VPetrochemicals (IDS)
Zoology Paper – IZoology Paper – III
Zoology Paper – IIZoology Paper – IV
Zoology Paper – V

Why B.sc with chemistry?

The field of chemistry is of great importance in our day to day life. It is commonly referred to as ‘The Science of Matter’ .Once a candidate comes out successfully as a degree holder in B.Sc Chemistry they have various options for the future. Chemistry, being a central science, encompasses the synthesis and study of molecules and materials, the exploration of their properties and the development of ways to use them in real life. You will get an understanding of the mechanisms of reactions and processes that occur at the molecular level.

B.Sc. Mathemetics (3 year course)

Eligibility: HSC Science with Maths

Total Seats: 60

F.Y.B.Sc. sem I/II S.Y.B.Sc. sem III/IV T.Y.B.Sc. sem V/VI
Environmental studiesMathematical Methods-I Mathematical Methods-IIComputer Oriented Numerical Method-I Computer Oriented Numerical Method-II
Chemistry Paper -I (Inorganic & Physical)Maths Paper – III (Advanced calculas)Maths Paper – VII(Group Theory )
Chemistry Paper –II (Organic)Maths Paper – IV (Ordinary differential equations)Chemistry Paper -VIII (Physical)
Physics Paper –IMaths Paper – V (Numerical Analysis)Maths Paper – VX(Real Analysis )
Physics Paper –IIPhysics-IIIMaths Paper – –X (Graph Theory & Discrete Mathematics )
Maths Paper –I (Trignometry)Physics-IVMaths Paper – XI (Number Theory -1 & 2 )
Maths Paper –II (Defferentian calculus)Physics-V

Why B.Sc with Mathemetics?

Mathematics is one of the most enduring fields of study, and is essential in an expanding number of disciplines and professions. Our unique programme will help you combine your knowledge of mathematics and solve problems in the physical and biological sciences, engineering, information technology, economics, and business. You will learn study essential topics in calculus, linear algebra and differential equations that can be applied directly to build applications in coding and cryptology, mathematical physics, mathematical biology, bioinformatics and finance.

B.Sc. Microbiology (3 year course)

Eligibility: HSC Science with Biology

Total Seats: 60

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F.Y.B.Sc. sem I F.Y.B.Sc. sem II S.Y.B.Sc. sem III
Environmental studiesEnvironmental studiesRenewable Energy Sources (IDS) Non Renewable Energy Sources (IDS)
Paper-I Fundamental of MicrobiologyPaper-IIIMicrobial Growth & CultivationPaper-V Control Of Microorganisms
Paper-II Cell Structure & Function in BacteriaPaper-IV Chemistry Of MicrobiologyPaper-VI Bioenergetics & Enzymology
Chemistry Paper -I (Inorganic& Physical)Chemistry Paper -I (Inorganic& Physical)Paper-VII Virology
Chemistry Paper –II (Organic)Chemistry Paper –II (Organic)Chemistry Paper -III (Inorganic)
Zoology Paper – IZoology Paper – IChemistry Paper -IV (Organic)
Zoology Paper IIZoology Paper IIChemistry Paper -V (Physical)

S.Y.B.Sc. sem IV T.Y.B.Sc. sem V T.Y.B.Sc. sem VI
Renewable Energy Sources (IDS) Non Renewable Energy Sources (IDS)Paper-XI Microbial GienticsPaper-XVII Principal Of Food Microbiology
Paper-VIII Taxonomy of ProcaryotesPaper=XII Microbial PhysiologyPaper=XVIII Principal Of Industrial Microbiology
Paper-IX Taxonomy of Eucaryotic Microorganisms & VectorPaper=XIII r-DNA TechnologyPaper=XIX Economic Microbiology
Paper-X Microbial EcologyPaper-XIV ImmunogyPaper-XX Caenomics,Proteomics & Biointormatics
Chemistry Paper -III (Inorganic)Paper-XV Medical MicrobiologyPaper-XXI Clinical Microbiology & Epidemiology
Chemistry Paper -IV (Organic)Paper-XVI Environmental MicrobiologyPaper-XXII Haematology & Blood banking
Chemistry Paper -V (Physical)

Why B.Sc with Microbiology?

Our B.Sc. in Microbiology degree is one of the most versatile degrees you can obtain because of the fundamental nature of the discipline, and also because it can be combined with so many other sciences, leading to powerful and sought-after skills.After the completion of our programme, you will find a challenging career in medical, public health,Pathology Laboratory and environmental microbiology. Exciting career possibilities exist as research work is strongly gaining importance in laboratories in universities, biotechnology companies and agricultural, medical and veterinary institutes.: Research Microbiologists , Industrial Microbiologists, Clinical Microbiologists, Environment Microbiologists.

Teaching Area

The college maintains experirnced, committed , motivated & highly qualified faculty in each group. The staff take special care of the backward students. They are constantly available to help in clearing their doubts, seminars,workshops and further counseling, help the student to understand their study material better. All round development and outstanding performance of each student is our target